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Since its establishment in 1991, Bundaberg Molasses has become the largest supplier of molasses for animal feed in Australia.

Bundaberg Molasses is however, much more than a supplier. Our experience and expertise has been gained through Bundaberg Sugar's 100 year association with the Australian livestock feed market. This, combined with the experience and expertise of our overseas affiliates, means Bundaberg Molasses has the knowledge and resources to help our customers with all facets of livestock production.

Our market leader status has been achieved through strong emphasis on customer service, technical support, innovation and new product development.


At home and through our overseas connections, Bundaberg Molasses continues to expand its product range to encompass other high quality, value for money feed products.

Strong market initiatives such as the availability of guaranteed year-round supply through contracts and substantial capital investment in large storage and distribution installations throughout Queensland, ensure we are at the forefront of the animal feed industry. Through our continual product improvement, quality control, guaranteed supply and extensive customer support service, Bundaberg Molasses will continue to maintain and earn its reputation as The Leaders in Liquid Feed.


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PEAK-F is a liquid suspension supplement produced by Bundaberg Molasses for use by small-scale feedlots.

Suspension supplements are a unique medium by which soluble and insoluble concentrates are added to the ration, including urea, vitamins, rumen modifier, salt and other trace elements.


Pasture Plus is a highly palatable single blend molasses based supplement that is designed to enhance rumen function and liveweight performance through improved feed efficiency of fibre.

Pasture Plus is a convenient alternative for cattle and sheep producers. It can be used as a supplement for any class of cattle, both beef and dairy. Recently, Pasture Plus Sheep has been designed specifically for the sheep industry.

Prolix is a palatable, protein enriched liquid supplement for beef and dairy cattle containing a balanced profile of essential minerals and vitamins with the added benefits of consumption control, safety and convenience.

Prolix is the safe and convenient program to optimise livestock nutrition. The Full Service Programme includes provision of feed out troughs and delivery of the product into the paddock.

Bundaberg Molasses is the preferred choice of the Australian stockfeed industry because of its many features, including

  • palatability to all stock
  • low cost per unit of energy
  • flexibility as a supplement
  • availability all year round
  • ease of storage and handling
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